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21st-Jun-2008 07:55 pm - DEOXYS!

i got some,just two though, i think i got good nature my diamond one is CALM nature likes BITTER food thoroughly cunning, the pearl one is JOLLY nature likes sweet food and somewhat of a clown<----haha so yeah i went on a bike and it was HOT!!  


but its in its speed form or something


in its recieved orignal form

24th-Dec-2007 09:15 pm - Hahahah Nobody laughs :(

Well i'm just bored at home just drawing with my sister i'm going to post these up on deviant art more later but i guess i should post more on my Livejournal since it's seems im dead here : D The hoilday episode of Ed,Edn,Eddy is weird when Ralf sings but its still funny : D HERE ARE THE CRAPPY PICTURES : 3

17th-Dec-2007 03:49 pm - WutZ upZ
 Well this is my first journal and i hope that i use LJ often if not im on deviant art....i want udon dunno what else to say.....UR  MOM!
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